The Power of Hydrogen

Have you ever wondered what the symbol ‘pH' stands for? Do things like, personal hygiene, proper health, or probably horrible come to mind? It really stands for the power of hydrogen. But, what has that got to do with gout? Well, people who suffer from gout learn that the higher the body pH levels are, the more alkaline the body becomes and the lower the pH levels, the more acidic.

Treat Gout By Raising pH Levels

Scientific studies support the idea that raising the body's pH levels is a normal and natural part of gout treatment. The more alkaline the body is, the greater the reduction of uric acid levels. High uric acid levels are consistent in people who have gout. The higher the pH number on the pH scale, the more alkaline the body is and therefore more uric acid should be dissolved. If the body's uric acid levels are below 6.0mg/dL in men, (slightly less for women), then the monosodium uric crystals will dissolve and the gout will be cured.

How Can I Raise My pH Levels Naturally?

Improving the pH levels of your body is a natural remedy for gout. Drinking a lot of water is definitely one way to raise the pH level of your body and help to dilute uric acid. Adding an alkalizing agent to your water helps speed the process. An alkaline diet added to the mix will put you well on your way to improving the pH levels in your body and bringing the symptoms of gout under control. However, it is important to remember that just as a highly acidic body can suffer from acidosis, so too, can an overly alkaline body suffer from alkalosis, which causes muscle cramping, spasms and other problems. Don't be overly excessive.

Home Testing

You can test yourself at home for pH levels. First, you must find your current pH levels. After you have learned what they are, measure your progress at various increments as you employ the different natural methods of raising your pH levels. You can do a saliva or urine litmus paper test - it is best to do both to get a more accurate reading of what is going on in your body. Follow the directions of the test manufacturer carefully to be sure you have an accurate test reading.

Be Consistent for Best Results

It is important to understand that your pH levels change constantly. When you eat a very alkaline meal, it will affect your pH levels. The time of day you eat also affects the pH, as does sleep. It is a good idea to test at different times of the day - first thing in the morning is usually a good time - and watch for trends and changes over time. This is not something you do for a few days or just a few times and then stop. In order to monitor your body's pH levels and to know how well you are handling the overload of uric acid, you need to monitor consistently.

Information Means Better Decisions

If you find your pH levels rising, then you can be pretty sure you are eliminating more uric acid from your body - that's a good thing. If the levels are not dropping, then it may be necessary to adjust your foods or include more alkalizing agents in your natural methods.