Natural Cures for Gout

Are you looking for an alternative treatment or home remedy to ease your gout attack? Well, we may have an option that bests suits you and alleviates the pain of your gout attack. Although, there is no cure for gout, a number of options including home remedies and dietary supplements are available to reduce your gout symptoms and prevent gout attacks from reoccurring. But, before experimenting with any natural gout treatment, it's a good idea to talk to your local health care provider or doctor before you try any of these remedies. If your gout is severe it may be better to seek medical attention for it.


Herbal Remedies for Gout

Gout is an inflammatory joint disease that results from a buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints and neighboring tissues. A couple of herbs exist that can help lower the level of uric acid in your body or can reduce the swelling and pain caused by your gout. These herbs include the following:


  • Devil's Claw: lowers the amount of uric acid in the body. It also works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce joint pain in gout sufferers.


  • Gravelroot: contains mild diuretic and laxative properties that assist your kidneys flushing of uric acid out of your body. Try mixing gravelroot in water and drinking it 3 times a day.


  • Turmeric: works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces the pain and swelling caused by gout. Take a turmeric capsule 3 times daily.


  • Nettle Root: helps improve the functioning of the kidneys and also prevents kidney disease. Take nettle root in capsule form 3 times a day to help get rid of the excessive uric acid in your body.


Vitamins and Minerals

Some vitamins and minerals can also help relieve gout symptoms. These vitamins and minerals include:


  • Vitamin C: Taking Vitamin C daily can improve the elimination of uric acid from your body and can help reduce your risk of another gout attack.


  • B Complex Vitamins: Taking B Complex Vitamins can also work to prevent another painful gout attack. These vitamins work by stimulating the enzyme in your body that is responsible for breaking down uric acid.


  • Folic Acid: Taking folic acid daily lowers the amount of uric acid in your bloodstream.

But, if the symptoms persist longer than a week, visit your doctor. Don't at any cost ignore the pains of your gout. It's essential, to get your gout treated immediately, to prevent further gout attacks and your present gout from worsening.