The Value of Water

Gout - A Pain Like No Other

Gout is a painful disease which manifests in attacks in the joints, primarily the big toe and lower extremities. Uric acid crystals collect in these regions and then, without warning, horrible pain and inflammation are upon the sufferer. A low alkaline pH level is consistent with this disease and one way to naturally adjust the balance of pH in the body is by drinking plenty of water. Ingesting water is excellent, and to add to its value, hydrotherapy treatment of hot and cold water can also be very useful in dealing with the external pain associated with gout.

The Value of Being Well Hydrated

Keeping the body well hydrated not only treats the disease, it also helps to prevent future attacks. Adequate hydration helps to reduce the concentration of uric acid and helps the kidneys flush it from the body. Dehydration is one of the most common triggers for a gout attack. It reduces the function of the kidneys and as the body's water levels lower, the uric acid concentration in the blood rises. At a critical point, the uric acid forms crystals - the primary source of pain in the joints. Dehydration can result from the high consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks, including coffee, tea and soda. If you are drinking any of these substances, be sure you are also drinking plenty of water to combat the ill effects in your body.

Additional Benefits Associated with Water Intake

Drinking adequate amounts of water also helps to keep the joints lubricated and inhibits the formation of kidney stones. An added bonus is the help water gives to any weight loss efforts you may be undertaking. It is proven that excessive weight is also a contributor to gout symptoms, so the added benefit of weight loss not only addresses gout symptoms, it also helps a person regain their life and health.

Whoa - That's a Lot to Drink!

The recommended quantity of daily intake of water to prevent or treat gout disease symptoms is twelve 8 ounce glasses, or almost a gallon. Included in water intake are decaffeinated teas, milk and juices. It is far better to be sure you are actually drinking more water than substitutes, though. Caffeinated beverages, alcohol and sugary drinks are not beneficial. However, if you do drink them, be sure you up your water consumption to balance the negative effects.

It's Okay. You Can Do This

Certainly it can take time to become accustomed to drinking this amount of water, but the body will adjust over a period of just a couple of weeks. In hot weather, you will need to increase this amount since your body will dehydrate much more quickly when the temperature is higher.  Rather than guzzling huge quantities of water at one time, take regular sips from your glass or bottle frequently. Your body will adjust to the intake better and you'll be less inclined to become discouraged over the amount you are drinking. If your water supply is not clean or pure, opt for bottled or filtered water.

Water is effective, fast working and inexpensive. It's good for you, good for your body and helps to relieve gout symptoms and maintain a healthy weight. What are you waiting for? Have a drink - of water.